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Guided Imagery For Pain Release – Audio Recording

This recording is also available with the book/CD package as found in the second listing below and offered through Amazon.com. If you wish to purchase the recording (without the book) as an immediate download, you would choose this product listing.

The Guided Imagery for Pain Release is designed to help you develop the power of your mind over your body by focusing on your thoughts. The words will help you paint a picture of your pain in your mind, then visualize it as images, light, color, and energy moving throughout and then out of your body. The imagery aims to help you feel totally relaxed, and release tension and stress, so that you may experience reduced pain or even a pain-free state. As you experience the imagery repeatedly over time, you may gradually deepen your ability to use visualizations to achieve more voluntary control over your pain.

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Sound Healing: Ease Chronic Pain: Music – Imagery – Book – Journal

A book and CD package – Available From Amazon.com


Modern medicine in America has finally embraced what alternative healers have known for centuries: Music and guided imagery have a profound healing power. The first volume of the groundbreaking series Sound Healing combines a guidebook with a CD of original musical compositions and guided imagery that people can use as a self-help tool to ease chronic pain. These two healing therapies are backed by so much positive medical research that they are now being used in hospitals and clinics across the country.

The book explains step-by-step how these techniques work and how to use the CD to help relieve pain; it also features a journal where readers can record their pain level, their progress, and their feelings. The CD offers relaxing piano music designed to influence the biological responses that can trigger healing, followed by a soothing spoken guided imagery to bring listeners to a meditative, pain-free state.

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